Our Mission

Tourico Holidays Travel Academy cares about their people. We make sure that the future employees reach their fullest potential by preparing them in the art of negotiation, problem solving and critical thinking while enhancing their technology and presentation skills as well.

About THTA

The Tourico Holidays Travel Academy is a career-launching program for future Tourico Holidays employees

  • We are an internal leadership development program established by Tourico Holidays in 2013
  • Our course features classroom-style lectures, immersive workshops, jet-setting field trips, and real-world experience
  • Our class is designed for ambitious college graduates looking for the fast-track to success in the travel industry
  • Our course is subsequently followed by a period of close mentorship immediately following successful completion of the Academy

About Tourico Holidays

Tourico Holidays is a global travel broker, a one-stop-shop for profitable travel products.

  • We provide our clients with competitively priced travel products such as hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation home rentals, activities, and transfers
  • We are a B2B company with a client base of over 3,800 clients from all over the world
  • We use our innovative proprietary technology to provide incremental distribution to our suppliers
  • We pride ourselves on our company-wide competitive and entrepreneurial spirit


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