Prospective Applicants

General Questions

Why are we hiring so many graduates?

Studies have shown that companies hiring graduates experience rapid growth and are driven by success.

What is the catch?

There is none! You’ve got to be ready to go all-in—from the 10 week training to employment—anywhere in the world that may be. As long as you’re mentally prepared, you are set!

What is the application deadline?

If you’ve got your eye on a specific session, it is best to apply 3-4 months in advance. We accept applications on a rolling basis, so you might be heading to Florida a little sooner than you thought!

What are you looking for in a successful candidate?

We’ve got a high volume of really talented applicants that hit our recruitment team’s inboxes daily. A little personality goes a long way with Tourico…that, with a dash of spirit and a bunch of intelligence will drive your application home. We’re are not looking for someone who is desperate for just any old job.

What is the Stage 2 problem solving test all about?

We like to see you sweat. Kidding! Really, we like to see how well you can perform under pressure, as well as get a feel for your basic skill set. It helps us gauge where you’ll best fit in the Academy, or even if a different session would be better suited for your skills.

What is the Stage 4 case interview all about?

The Academy is a preparatory program to act as a fast-track to employment within Tourico Holidays. Stage 4 is more indicative of the type of challenges you will face in your day-to-day after you’re employed.

What degrees are you looking for?

Here at Tourico, we hire people, not degrees.

What are you looking for in the hiring process?

We’re looking for the ideal combination of the Tourico core values with basic intelligence, wit, and of course—personality. This is on top of all the credentials that already made your CV the most impressive of the day. Good luck!

How long does the hiring process take?

This can vary per applicant. With the multiple stages of interviews, the process takes on average, 2 months.

How many applications do you receive?

A lot. A ton. We’ve lost count. The applicants pose fierce competition to any aspiring student, with a range of credentials from all around the world! As of the end of 2015, we’ve received well over 8,000 applications for the first 2 years of sessions.

Are you involved with any charities?

Our main office is heavily involved with Give Kids the World (GKTW), where our employees fundraise and frequently volunteer throughout the year.

For the International Student:

What type of Visa do I need to travel to Florida for the training?

You’ll need at least a U.S. entry visa. This one differs depending on the country, so please ask your recruitment contact for more details.

What is the starting salary?

The Tourico Holidays Travel Academy is both a training program for potential hires, as well as time spent with our core staff getting to know you. While there is not a salary provided for this program, meals, transportation, and accommodation are covered by the company. Upon employment, your salary will be determined based on position and geographic placement.

What are the holiday dates?

We stick to a list of holidays observed in the United States by non-Academy employees.

Do you get paid in USD?

Short answer-no. After completing the Academy, you will be paid from the country where you will be based. No need to set up a stateside account before entering the program if you don’t already have one.

Will you sponsor my visa?

While we’re sure you’re lovely, we do not sponsor visas for the Academy. If you’re interested, consult your consulate and the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Do I need a driving license?

Only if you’re planning on driving—state’s rules, not ours. However, you do need a license or identification for business trips where you will be traveling.

Do I need my own car?

Nope! This will be an excellent opportunity to bond with your fellow students when exploring Orlando on the weekends.

What do I need to bring with me?

Anything you would need to survive for about 3 months. Clothing, toiletries, and other essentials are a must. You’re free to personalize your space once you move in, but be mindful that the apartments at Altamira are already furnished.

Who decides who I am rooming with?

Fate. Just kidding! The recruitment team gets a pretty good feel for you after the long interview process, and will place you in room. You will also be given a checklist that will be used to determine housemate compatibility. Early bird or night owl? Smoking or non-smoking? We want to ensure your comfort during your stay.

For the Academy:

What is the dress code?

We heavily lean on the “casual” side of business casual. Dress professionally, but leave the three-piece suit and pencil skirt for special occasions. For business trips and presentations, you’ll want to ramp up the professional attire, as you become both a representative of yourself and Tourico Holidays.

How many people are recruited from each class?

That depends entirely on performance and attitude of each student. While the recruitment process can be long, it is only the beginning of the training. We accept the best of the best, and while we want to ensure every student passes the program, admission does not necessarily guarantee placement.

What is the program completion rate?

Following Session 9’s completion at the beginning of 2016, the Academy has a retention rate of 74%, with a total of 279 Academy graduates placed in their markets

Following the Academy:

Who decides where I will be based?

That’s for the company to decide. We hire each session for a specific need, but your personality and specific set of skills could have a hand in determining your placement. Requests are allowed, but at the end of the day, your placement will be based on where you can help the strategic growth of the company.

What is the starting salary?

The starting salary will vary by position and placement, and if you are chosen for employment following your Academy session, your salary is determined by what country you will be based in.

Do you have internal mobility?

Absolutely! As you gain experience throughout your career, there are plenty of opportunities to advance within the company.

What benefits do you have working in the travel industry?

There are quite a few perks that go hand in hand with being a Tourico Holidays employee. Annual Disney World Hospitality passes, and industry discounts for hotels, flights, and activities.

Do you have a 401K?

We have a 401K with matching available for our full-time U.S. hires that complete the program. Benefits for employees being sent abroad will be determined by the office they will be based in.

What are the holiday dates?

This will depend entirely on placement. Regional holidays are observed in regional offices.

Do you get paid in USD?

Following the Academy, all full time U.S. employees will be paid in USD. Any other currencies depend on post-program placement

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