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Interview Pre-Screening

Tourico Holidays prides itself on a unique company culture—we are teaming with resourceful, passionate individuals who find creative solutions to any obstacles in their path. The pre-screening is an opportunity for you to sell yourself in a way that can’t be done on paper.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and brassy; this is just a simple conversation that allows us to get to know you…and to see how much research you’ve done on Tourico Holidays, of course! This short Skype call will let us know if you’re a good fit for the position.


Stage 1: Application Assessment Review

Time required-20 minutes

If you and your credentials have captured our attention, you will have the chance to speak more with our recruitment team. During this interview, we’ll ask some questions about your academic and professional experience that will be relevant to the position that awaits you post-Academy. Don’t hesitate to be inquisitive! By asking and answering questions, you will be able to get a feel for what is in store with the Travel Academy and beyond. Your recruitment representative will review your application with you, and help determine if THTA is the right path for you

Stage 2: Online Problem-Solving Test

Time required-60 minutes

Can you maintain your Zen under pressure? We will send you a link to a timed online test. This may be basic, but make sure you’ve got a good internet (and wireless mouse!) connection before beginning.

Stage 3: Experience and Skills Presentation

Time required-30 minutes

Time to show us your competitive edge! An interview with a member of the recruitment team will allow you to present your experiences and expectations of the job. Multiple forms of media have been tried and true—from PowerPoint, to Prezi, and even video submissions. The presentation should also emphasize your gift for brevity, with the greater portion of the interview left for Q&A.

Stage 4: Tourico Holidays Case Interview

Time needed: 60 minutes

We aren’t at this stage to chat idly about the travel industry, we’re here to talk about your future. We’re ready for you to dive headfirst into the Tourico life, with an interview that will give you a better understanding of what to expect post-Academy. This one is a doozy with the time requirement, but we’ll need every minute to assess the logic in your answers.

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