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This intensive 10-week training program gives you a great insight of the travel industry, prepares you for your future job, and allows you to learn a lot about yourself: how to push yourself, how to think differently, and how to be remembered by your clients. Being selected out of over 4,000 applicants shows that Tourico wants to invest in you and opens the door for a career path with many opportunities beginning with the Travel Academy.

International School of Management, Dortmund (Germany)
Academy Session 9

Philipp GaertnerBusiness Development Manager, London

If you ever dreamed working for an international travel company, there is no better starting place than Tourico Holidays Travel Academy. With the full support from the management team, I found the unlimited opportunities and potential to grow professionally. I’m truly thrilled to be connecting people’s dreams to destinations.

Kansas State University, Manhattan (KS)
Academy Session 5

Jeong Ah LeeSoftware Engineer, Seoul

Tourico Holidays fosters a dynamic and diverse workplace that offers a unique learning experience every day. From day 1 in the Travel Academy, you are ready for work in real-life scenarios, work in teams with talented people from all over the world, and make your own decisions. Anyone looking for continued learning followed by an exciting career opportunity, welcome to Tourico Holidays Travel Academy!

Duke University, Durham (NC); Istanbul Technical University, Turkey; State University of New York at Binghamton, Vestal (NY)
Academy Session 5

Tansu SagdicSoftware Engineer, Orlando

Having been given the opportunity to be part of the Travel Academy was an absolute privilege. During the 10-week intense training program, you are being groomed by the executives to become leaders in your respective markets. If you are looking for a profession in an international workplace that is fast-paced and continuously innovating, then Tourico Holidays may be the right career path for you.

IE Business School, Madrid (Spain)
Academy Session 9

Michael GambinoBusiness Development Manager, Orlando

I love working at Tourico Holidays! Every day is a new opportunity—I am always learning something new about my markets and having new challenges that continually motivate me. The Travel Academy is one of the most unique learning experiences you can have. You learn about the travel industry as well as different people and cultures. Most importantly, it helps you step out of your comfort zone to make your skills even stronger, leading you to success! I am happy and grateful to be part of the Tourico family.

Académie Internationale de Management, Paris (France)
Academy Session 4

Estelle ThiercelinProduct Manager, Sao Paulo

The sheer fact that the executives who founded Tourico take the time to teach the 10-week Academy course demonstrates the dedication they have to the personal growth of each student, as well as the future of their company. There are not many other large companies where the executives know their employees by name, and encourage the visibility to achievements, showcasing hard work. The Academy prepares future employees to work in a fast-paced environment and grow a portfolio as if it were your own company. The program is an excellent opportunity to work under the mentorship of seasoned travel professionals.

University of California, Los Angeles (CA)
Academy Session 7

Nicole HellerProduct Manager, New York

Despite having no prior background in the hospitality industry, I was able to conduct business trips, interact with potential clients, and make a positive difference within the Academy, that’s how effective Tourico Holidays Travel Academy is! My job role gives me flexibility, ownership, travel opportunities, and exposure to diversity—all while following my passion towards technology.

Duke University, Durham (NC)
Academy Session 9

Sanskar Shrivasta Software Engineer, Orlando

Being a part of the Travel Academy is an incredible opportunity. You are surrounded by a bright, diverse group of individuals from all over the world, and you’ve been personally invested in by the executives. Not many corporate companies put the time and effort to provide such monumental training in an intimate way.

Duke University, Durham (NC)
Academy Session 7

Chloe MaleskiProduct Manager, Los Angeles

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